My Weekend Getaway : Singapore | Part 1

OK, so! Umm… well, actually I’m a talkative person so I’m bad at writing things down (so if you want to know a story from me, just calm down… and I will start to talk–endlessly). So, yeah. Here we go.

2 weeks ago, my friends and I went to Singapore to spend our time (and money), but to recharge our “battery”. It was so fast, so dense (I don’t know how to describe “dense”), even now I still can’t believe that I’ve had my first nightmare, riding one of the most extreme roller coaster in the world.

But it was a total fun.

the squad
from left to right : Angga, Dinda, Nunu, ME and Nanda

So it started on June, when suddenly I felt so bored at my office and Nanda was broken heart (maybe). So we decided to take some time to rejoice, refresh, restart our energy and mind. So we started to think which place is the best place to do it. Bali.

Uh… but… I just came back from Bali with my sister, Osi. So… where else? Bangkok. The plane ticket price was a little bit high so… “Why don’t we go to Singapore?” ask Nanda. And I smiled. She’s right.

So, in the end of the month of June (or in the middle?) we both bought the plane ticket. It was quite cheap, so here we go!

And after that, I’ve recieved a news that Nanda’s sister, Dinda, would like to join us. Why not? So she started to look up the plane also, and she chose the same date and time with us. And so did her friend, Nunu. Perfect. So we just created a squad, ladies.

And her boyfriend, too. Oh? Boyfriend, huh? At first I was a lil’ bit worried like a grandma. But, meh, let’s talk about it later. I believe that Dinda is a good girl, so is her boyfriend, so… just hope for the best.

And after that, Nanda and me (as the good older sisters) started to search for the hotel. Unfortunately the hotels we searched were too pricey, so we racked our brain. Hostel? No. Capsule hotel? No. Inn? No. Apartment? No. So we got back to the hotel. And we got it.

But the hotel was really far from the MRT stations. But, that’s ok. That’s the price that we pay. We booked 2 rooms. 1 for me and Nanda, and 1 for the rest of the squad. Oh, Angga got his own bed, don’t you worry.

And the fun began.

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